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DIY Self-Draining Bath Toy Storage

If you have a small child (or small children), you probably have “too many” bath toys, and would benefit from an easy-access storage system. Better yet, an easy-access storage system that drains automatically. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

DIY Bath Toy Organizer

Photo of DIY bath toy organizer

This set up is great! Your little one can reach all of his/her toys, and putting them away after bath time is both easy, and fun! To make this organizer, you will need a few things.

Gather Supplies

  • 1 – tension shower rod (you can get this at any home improvement store)
  • 4 – (or your preferred quantity) plastic baskets with holes in them (you can find these at dollar stores)
  • 2 – per basket – S type shower hooks (metal is recommended for ease of use)

Do you have your supplies? Great! Now it’s time to put our new idea together!

Make It!

  1. Size your rod so that it fits roughly 6″ above the side of your tub along the back wall, and install.
  2. Install the shower hooks onto the tension shower rod.
  3. Decide where your baskets will be placed, and fasten to the rod by using the hooks with the holes in the baskets.

Easy, right? See? You CAN Do It Yourself!

Use It!

You know what to do! If you have toys that can be categorized, have fun placing categories in their own bins. Toss the toys home in a round of bath-time hoops with your little one. The best part? The holes in the bins mean that these cubbies are self-draining.

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